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Khamis, 21 Mac 2013

Peplum Double Layer For Plus Size Kembali !!!!!! Lebih Besar !!!!!

PL22165 Extra-Size Cotton Blended Double-Layers Blouse

Existing displayed colors are stock ready
Material: Cotton Blended (Kain cotton tebal dan jatuh. Bila pakai nampak slim)

Size: Free Size! Fit XL & XL plus 

Color might be slightly difference from the display.
Buyer must be careful on the measurement section as measurement is in cm , and 2 cm +- tolerance!

Whole Length: 76 CM +-

Shoulder Width: 38 CM +-

Length Sleeve: 65 CM +-
Sleeve Hole: 22 CM +-
Full Bust: 102 CM +-
Armscye: 54 CM +- 
Width of lowest part of this blouse: 164 CM +-


sms/Whatsapp 0182272108 (Kak Nor)

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